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Labor Conditions & Welfare

Labor Conditions Working Hours
 8:00-17:00 (Lunch Time: 12:00-13:00)

 105 Days/Year with the One-Year Variable Working Hours System

Paid Holidays
  10 paid holidays shall be given to a new employee 6 months after he is employed. The maximum paid holidays shall be 20 days.

Retirement Allowance System
  Retirement allowance is given to employees who have worked for the company for 3 years or more. The retirement age is 60; the continuous employment system is available.

Insurance Taken Out
 Health Insurance, Pension Insurance, Employment Insurance, Accident Insurance (with fringe Benefits.)

 Management of Fund for Congratulation or Condolence
 Periodical Medical Examination, Medical Examination for Lifestyle-Related Illness,
 Special Medical Examination,
 Recreational Bowling and Softball Competitions

ボウリング大会   ボウリング大会
Recreational Bowling Competition    
Recreational Softball Competition