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Business Activities

Annealing Business

List of Heat Treatment Furnaces (Names & Descriptions)
Name of Facilities Width, Height & Length(m) Maximum Temperature Maximum Weight Crane Capacity
Large Self-Propelled Gas Furnace 4.0~3.0~13.0 750Ž 40t 20t/5t~1 , 15t~1
Medium Bell-Type Gas Furnace 3.2~2.5~9.6 1,200Ž 20t 5t~2
Small Car-Type Gas Furnace 3.0~2.0~6.0 1,150Ž 15t 10t~1 , 5t~1
Top Hat-Type Electric Furnace 1.5~1.1~3.0 1,200Ž 1t 2.8t~2
Top Hat-Type Electric Furnace 1.5~1.1~3.0 850Ž 1t 2.8t~2
Top Hat-Type Electric Furnace 0.6~0.6~1.4 1,200Ž 100kg 2.8t~2

Large Self-Propelled Gas Furnace   Medium Bell-Type Gas Furnace
Small Car-Type Gas Furnace   Top Hat-Type Electric Furnace


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Warehouse Business
Common Warehouse for Storage of Products and Materials (Storage Area: 5,900 m2)

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Parking Business
No. 1 Parking Area with Parking Capacity of 300 Cars

No. 2 Parking Area with Parking Capacity of 130 Cars

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Gas Station Business

Regular gasoline, gas oil, heavy oil A, kerosene, etc. are sold.
Gasoline Station (Regular Gasoline, Gas Oil)

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Electricity Receiving Business

Reduction in the Contracted Electricity Rates (Received Electricity Voltage: 6,600V, Contracted Electric Power: 3,500kW)
Electricity Receiving Facility (Received Electricity Voltage: 6,600V)

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Other Business

œScaling Service
  Truck Scale: Maximum Scaling Capacity of 30 Tons

œFinance Business
  Joint guarantee and individually compartmentalized revolving mortgage were established. We utilize various institutional fund systems.

œProcurement Business
  We purchase tools, work clothes, safety shoes, copying papers and other consumable items at lower prices.

œMaintenance Service
  We carry out inspection and repair of 150 overhead traveling cranes.

œNetwork Service
  220 computers are connected to the network of the Association.

œTelephone Service
  An automatic telephone exchange covers 50 lines.

œBranch Office Service
  Our branch office is located inside the building area of Nagasaki Shipyard and Machinery Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI) for delivery of documents, drawings and materials supplied by MHI.

œInformation Service
  Information about finance, tax and labor matters, etc. is provided to the member companies.

œEducation and Training
  Education for New Employees, Graded Education and Training for Other Employees

Education and Training (Residential Training Course)

  Recreational Bowling and Softball Competitions

  Sales of tobaccos, revenue stamps and postage stamps; management of fund for congratulation, condolence and compensation for industrial accidents; management for safety and sanitation; joint disaster prevention planning and drills, etc.

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