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essage from Chairperson



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Association Profile

Association Name
  Nagasaki Metalworking Industrial Association
  Isao Harada, Chairperson
  2148-2 Kaizu-machi, Isahaya City, Nagasaki 854-0063, Japan
Establishment of Association
  October 2, 1959
Foundation of Industrial Park
  May 1, 1963
Plant Site Area
Shop Building Area
  99,750,000 Yen
Number of Association Members
  7 companies
Machinery, Welding & Fabricating and Assembly: 5 companies
@Shukosha Co., Ltd.
@Marushin Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
@Shin Nagasaki Seisakusho, Ltd.
@Hosoki Corporation
@Choryo High Tech Co., Ltd.

Casting, Machinery and Assembly: 1 company
@Hoyo Co., Ltd.

Hot Dip Galvanizing and Powder Coating: 1 company
@Arita Industries Co., Ltd.


October 1959
  Nagasaki Metalworking Industrial Association was established.
September 1961

gThe Council on the Promotion of Grouping Small and Medium Enterprises as an Industrial Park in Nagasaki Districth was organized by the relevant administrative organs, local governments, Nagasaki Shipyard and Machinery Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and this Association.

June 1962
  The Association was designated as an industrial park based on the Act on Financial and Other Assistance for Modernization of Small and Medium Enterprises.
May 1983
  The Isahaya Kaizu Industrial Park was inaugurated on May 1, 1963.
15 out of all the companies that were scheduled to join the Association started operation.
The joint electricity receiving business started.
May 1964
  The joint finance business started and the joint security and revolving mortgage were established.
July 1967
  The Annealing Shop was completed and the annealing business started.
November 1967
  Grouping of 20 companies joining the Association was completed.
March 1973
  According to the Act for Promotion of Subcontractors, the Association agreed with Nagasaki Shipyard and Machinery Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. on the plan for promotion of subcontractors, which was the first plan approved by the Ministry of Transport.
December 1974
  The Industrial Park mutual aid system started.
May 1982
  The resource-saving business, the energy-saving business and the facility lease business started.
September 1991
  The Industrial Park restructure planning project started; the work for the year 1991 involved six companies.
June 1992
  The Industrial Park restructure planning project started; the work for the year 1992 involved two companies.
November 1993
  The warehouse for the member companiesf common use was acquired.
March 1995
  The joint security (the joint revolving mortgage) system was exchanged for the aggregate revolving mortgage (individually compartmentalized security) system.
October 2000
  The Industrial Park Network System was established.
October 2004
  gThe Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Director General Awardh was granted to the Association at the memorial ceremony for the 55th anniversary of the enforcement of the Law on the Cooperative Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

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